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  • Product has snow point

    (1)    Caused by: Rubber roll pressure is not enough; Solution: increase the pressure;

    (2)    Caused by: Adhesive on Laminating film is not completely melted; Solution:

    Increasing the coating temperature

    Increase the film and heating roller contact area, and the heat melt adhesive film will increase the degree

    Reduce coating speed

    (3)    Caused by: Laminating film of the adhesive surface with dust; Solution: impurities, should be promptly removed.

  • Products with wrinkles

    (1)    Caused by: rubber roller too much pressure, resulting in membrane deformation; Solution: appropriately reduced pressure.

    (2)    Caused by: rubber roller surface damage, not smooth; Solution: replace the rubber roller

    (3)    Caused by: rubber roller and the pressure imbalance between the heating rollers; Solution: adjusted and have them balance

    (4)    Caused by: film inconsistent on both sides of the tension, or wavy edges; Solution: replace the thin films.

  • Defect after cutting curly products

    (1)    Caused by: film tension is too large, so that stretching deformation of membranes; Solution: membrane tension should be adjusted to the screw.

    (2)    Caused by: Winding tension, causing a deformation of film and paper at the same time; Solution: institutions should adjust winding tension.

    (3)    Caused by: Environmental humidity; Solution: humidity controlled workshop should be around 60%.

    (4)    Caused by: The drying time is short; Solution: To extend the drying time, to be coated products in the winding roller to dry completely cooled, then cut film down. speed, coating temperature increase.

  • Bond is not strong, film

    (1)    Caused by: Laminating film over shelf life; Solution: replacement of the laminating film.

    (2)    Caused by: printing ink containing an excessive amount of silicone oil, paraffin wax additive categories, metal ink, ink too thick, ink wasn’t dry. Solution: extend the print drying time, especially for special attention and when printed coated.

    (3)    Caused by: laminating pressure, high velocity, low temperature; Solution: increase coated pressure increase, lower coating speed, coating temperature increase.